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Welcome to my works section. Here you'll find some of my stuff... lots of stuff, and cool stuff at that. Hope you enjoy my stuff. Have fun looking at my stuff. Have fun playing with my stuff, have fun reading my stuff....

The Umbrella

A short story I wrote for English I. I've never been able to adequately describe it, but it's something of a study in symbolism. Read carefully, details are important.

Stick Man 1

A really short animated short. Tiny file size, so check it out.
(requires flash player)

Stick Man 2

Why do we call him Stick Man? Because he carries a big stick. Check out episode 2.

Stick Man: BoomerStick

Watch out for stick's stick, and watch this short.

Bill and Monica meet Hillary (and the Pope):

Play with the disembodied heads of my DHTML creations. Constantly under construction. I'll try to put a new plaything on this page every so often.
(requires a 4.0 browser)


Everyone likes this one. It was my first shot at making a cartoon with flash, but I hear it's got some nice sound effects.
(requires flash player)