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Erik Garrison

This is me. "Someone non-boring to talk to." Tall, athletic, intelligent? I'm a sophmore at Frankfort High School. A member of a few clubs and such, I run track and cross country.

I'm currently working for (an excellent up-and-coming national ISP) as a web designer and graphic artist. I've been involved in web design almost since the beginnings of the medium five years ago.

A few months ago, I dislocated my hip in a cycling accident. I wasn't able to follow through on my plans for an excellent cross-country season, but I have had time to work on other projects. I'm heavily involved in Co-Ed Y, and voulenteer at our local YMCA. I am currently helping organize a local leader's club to bring the county's Y clubs together. You'll see me at KYA and KUNA, and CONA next summer.

Our family is currently using AOL (waiting for to install a local POP). If you want to contact me, you can e-mail, or use AOL Instant Messenger, I'm "garrismack." You can ICQ me at 53604941.

Please enjoy my site, my forums, and my artwork.

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